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Erich Lieth Jazz
- vocal and piano:

  1. Smile (3:58, 4.5MB MP3)
    Charlie Chaplin, John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons.
    2014 studio recording
  2. It's Only A Paper Moon (3:50, 4.4MB MP3)
    EY Harburg, Billy Rose and Harold Arlen
    2014 live with Tony Galiani (bass) and Spence Foscue (drums)
  3. All Of Me (4:14, 5.0MB MP3)
    Seymour Simons and Gerlad Marks
    2013 live with Tim Smith (flute/sax), Mike Chrzanowski (bass) and Kyle Duppstadt (drums)
  4. My Romance (4:50, 4.4MB MP3)
    Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart
    2013 live duet with Catherine Grodensky, Tim Smith (flute/sax), Mike Chrzanowski (bass) and Kyle Duppstadt (drums)
  5. Sway (5:44, 5.2MB MP3)
    Norman Gimble and Pablo Beltran Ruiz
    2013 live duet with Catherine Grodensky, Tim Smith (flute/sax), Mike Chrzanowski (bass) and Kyle Duppstadt (drums)

Blue Bossa, and Guilty @ Weaver Street Market, Carrboro, August 28, 2011
courtesy of Gordon Strauss

Erich Lieth piano, vocals
Lisa Lindsay alto saxophone
Tony Galiani bass
Matt Vooris drums

older audio clips:

Erich Lieth piano
Lisa Lindsay alto saxophone
Drew Pilant hand drums
  1. Last Song (5:42, 5.3MB MP3)
    spontaneous improvisation
  2. Caravan (6:09, 5.8MB MP3)
    Duke Ellington
  3. Summertime (6.02, 5.7MB MP3)
    George Gershwin
  4. Blue Bossa (5:56, 5.6MB MP3)
    Kenny Dunham

Selections from silent movies Erich's played:


Erich Lieth piano about 2003 (more recent coming soon, I hope)
  1. April's Gentle Lamb (4:30, 4.2MB MP3)
    original composition
  2. Amazing Grace (4:12, 4MB MP3)
  3. That's How Much I Love You (1:20, 1.2MB MP3)
    original composition
  4. Noodling (4:17, 4MB MP3)
    original composition
  5. Brazilian Fantasy (4:06, 3.8MB MP3)
    improvisation on music by Antonio Carlos Jobim
  6. Bleak Midwinter (2:39, 2.5MB MP3)
    improvisation on the hymn by Gustav Holst

These clips are not for distribution, or any kind of commercial use, without written consent.

Recordings © 2003-2011 Erich Lieth.


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