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Music Instruction

Piano/keyboard Instruction
I teach private piano lessons to students of ages 6 through adult at any level of proficiency. Styles include classical, popular, jazz, etc. and all kinds of improvisation. Emphasis is on enjoyment and mastery of music rather than perfectionism. Daily practice is an absolute requirement, as learning to play an instrument is what a student does between lessons. Students prepare instrumental music (with vocals, if desired) for personal pleasure and recital performance. Pieces of music that are mastered get recorded and published to the students' web pages. Sample the audio recordings of some of my students on the Student Recordings page.

Improvisation Instruction
I teach improvisation on any instrument. Whether you play keyboard, guitar, flute, dulcimer, violin or any other instrument, you can learn to express yourself through music and explore the range of sounds that pleases you, without relying on previously composed music. Instruction can be in individual or group lessons, and in a variety of musical styles. Aside from private lessons, I currently teach an improvisation class to a group of younsters that play orchestral instruments in the Piedmont Youth Orchestra. Improvisation is also a large part of the jazz band I direct (see below).

Ensemble Instruction
I am founder and Executive Music Director of the Blame It On My Youth Jazz Orchestra, a group of top teen players rehearsing and performing big band combo Jazz. More information about this band, including application and audition procedures as well as performance schedule are available at www.BIOMY.org.

I am the director of the Emerson Waldorf School Jazz Band. Students play piano, guitar, bass, cello, percussion, brasswinds and vocals. The mission of the group is to study jazz and other popular styles by playing in ensemble and performing jazz in public. The band performs in a variety of venues ranging from private to community events and local cafes. The band's public web site can be found here.

I also direct a full swing band camp for teens during the summer. Information about that can be found at www.summerjazz.org.


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