Erich Lieth Music Studio Zoe G - 2017                  
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Use the Forward and Rewind buttons on the player above to select a piece. The tracks will scroll in the order listed below. Tracks may take a few seconds to load. Click the loop button to turn on looping for the tracks. To navigate between looping tracks use the Forward and Rewind buttons. You may also use the links below to download mp3 files to your computer or mp3 player device. Questions? email
01: The Big Parade
02: Hiking Down
03: I Like Eating Spinach
04: Sad Symphony
05: Clickety Clack Went The Carriage
06: Poor Dog Named Bright
07: Kangaroos and Racecars
08: Don't Be Late
09: Yankee Doodle
10: It's That Parrot Again
11: Brave Sioux Warrior
12: Sharing C
13: Big Black Bear
14: Piano Polka
15: Dancing Through The Town
16: Camptown Races
17: Rainbows
18: Morning
19: Waterfalls
20: Bagpipes
21: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
22: Starfish
23: Trumpet Concerto
24: The Octave Song
25: Clouds
26: Cardinals In The Trees
27: Ode To Joy
28: Hands Together If You Please
29: Happy Melody
30: The Castle
31: Haydn and Mozart
32: My Piano Theme Song
33: Dancing Raindrops
34: Candlelight Waltz
35: Hedwig's Theme
36: When I Jump Out Of Bed
37: Grand Entrance
38: Mozart And His Sister
39: Marching Turtles
40: The Country Fair Hoedown
41: Evening Mist
42: Boat Song
43: Goldfish
44: Folk Song
45: Listen To My Story
46: Listen To C Position
47: Running Down The Field
48: Pony Ride
49: Jazz Band Jam
50: Fun In Our Fort
51: Movie Time
52: Jumpin' Jan
53: Maracas
54: Clouds
55: On My Bike