Erich Lieth Music Studio Lucy N - 2016                  
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Use the Forward and Rewind buttons on the player above to select a piece. The tracks will scroll in the order listed below. Tracks may take a few seconds to load. Click the loop button to turn on looping for the tracks. To navigate between looping tracks use the Forward and Rewind buttons. You may also use the links below to download mp3 files to your computer or mp3 player device. Questions? email
01: Country Fair Hoedown
02: Mozart And His Sister
03: Marching Turtles
04: Riding My Bike
05: Listen To C Position
06: Jazz Band Jam
07: Fancy Fingers
08: Mister 2nd
09: Skipping 3rds
10: Lots Of 4ths
11: Rumbling 5ths
12: Playing Legato
13: Smoothies
14: On A Seesaw
15: Canoe On The Lake
16: Hiccup
17: Waltzing
18: Spanish Dance
19: Maracas
20: My Nanny
21: Watching The Clock
22: Deep Sea Diving
23: Theme From The London Symphony
24: Mr Spider's Visitor
25: Under Water
26: Japanese Pagoda At Night And Dawn
27: Melody By Chopin
28: Desert Caravan
29: The Knights Of Young King Arthur
30: The Bagpiper
31: We'll have Fun
32: See The Show
33: Canon In G
34: Pete, The Porcupine
35: Swirling Like The Wind
36: Chopsticks
37: The Sleeping Dragon
38: Rocket Ships
39: Let's Go To The Pool
40: FACE
41: When I Walked To School Today
42: The Burgler
43: Time To Get Up
44: Hey Little Woodpecker
45: Beethoven's Dreams
46: What Is It
47: At The Barn Dance