Erich Lieth Music Studio Lucas B - 2017                  
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Use the Forward and Rewind buttons on the player above to select a piece. The tracks will scroll in the order listed below. Tracks may take a few seconds to load. Click the loop button to turn on looping for the tracks. To navigate between looping tracks use the Forward and Rewind buttons. You may also use the links below to download mp3 files to your computer or mp3 player device. Questions? email
01: The Crawling Spider
02: Hark The Herald Angenls Sing
03: Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
04: The Twelve Days of Christmas
05: Scarf Dance
06: Girl And Boy On A Bicyble
07: Sleeping Beauty Waltz
08: The Magic Man
09: The Handbell Choir
10: Song For A Scarecrow
11: My Pony
12: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
13: Jazzy Joe
14: Miniature Sonatina
15: Shepherd's Song
16: Warm-Up in G
17: I've Got Music
18: Rain Dance
19: Dinosaur Stomp
20: The Dreydl Song
21: Silver Moon Boat
22: The Bubble
23: The San Francisco Trolley
24: Jumbo's Lullaby
25: When The Saints Go Marching In
26: Famous People
27: The Juggler
28: Skip To My Lou
29: Rhino In The Mud
30: Leftover Popcorn
31: Straw Hat Strut
32: Green Frog Hop
33: Dance Theme and Variation
34: Minuet For Mr. Bach's Children
35: Brahm's Lullaby
36: Ice Cream and More Ice Cream
37: Mr Haydn's Theme
38: My Daydream
39: The Storm And The Rainbow
40: The Clock Strikes Thirteen!
41: Ode To Joy
42: The Elf's Silver Hammer
43: I Am The King
44: Moonlight Melody
45: The Puppet Show
46: Our Detective Agency
47: The First Noel
48: Kitch-iti-kipi
49: Mr McGill's Boop Sha-Bop
50: Storms On Saturn